Welcome to Me

I just wanted to give you a quick guide to Me. This site has been built lovingly in HTML5 & CSS3, using media quiries to be viewed on all screen sizes. The interpretation of the brief was based on my own current aim: to stop snacking, and eating so much food out. This is so I can eat healthier and to spend less.

It was created it phases:

  1. Sketches
  2. Wireframes using Balsamiq
  3. Visual deign in Photoshop
  4. Illustrations in Illustrator
  5. Hand coded using Dreamweaver

I wanted to aim for a design that people would want to spend time on and engage with the app. Using a layout that encourages the user to scroll and explore, rather than a more typical dashboard design, where all the information is attempted to be contained 'above the fold'. The layout adapts for tablet screens, rearranging the content. It then changes to become purely an input app, for when you're on the move when view on a smartphone.

The site has been designed with usability, accessibility and experience in mind, whilst not letting this affect the visual design. This is tested at points (most noteably the larger, white header, which in time could be proven to be too much for the everyday user), however links for all actions have been conveniently placed for quick navigation to deeper levels of the app, and to add data.

Having said that, there are definitely aspects of the design that could be work upon with more time and user testing. And, with more time, IE could be better supported (unfortunately other work commitments didn't allow for cross-browser support for HTML5 & CSS3 features - however, I am a firm believer in the idea that websites do not have to look identical in every browser (however all fuctionality should remain).

About Me

I am a web designer based in London, UK, completing work for a wide range of clients, from local & tech start-ups to national corporates by day, then trying to dream up the next big thing by night. I love what I do.

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